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Get The Picture is in the process of phasing out much of our gift inventory. While many of the items pictured below are still available, we have limited stock on most of them, and have no plans to restock at this time. Please contact us to check availablity.


LIL GUYS ceramic figurines

"Lil Guys" by Cindy Pacileo

These charming ceramic figurines and ornaments are each crafted entirely by hand by artisan Cindy Pacileo. Each one has a personality all its own, and just beg to be brought home. Available as desktop figurines or as a tree ornament, the Lil Guys are available in a wide variety of whimsical animal shapes. Each Lil Guy is approximately 1.5" in height. Bet you can't choose just one!

lil guys ornaments

Lucid Visions Glass Art

Founded in 2001, Lucid Visions Glass Art is made up collabrative flamewokers Josh Bergesen and Lance Sanford who have a combined experience of over 18 years in sculpting and blowing borosilicate glass. Making an impression on the glass world drives these artists to produce truly original, thought provoking pieces of American craft.

From whimsical animal ornaments to exquisitely formed sea creatures like the jellyfish ornaments shown to the right, these glass ornaments make a truely special and memorable gift.

lucid visions glass ornamentslucid visions glass ornaments jellyfishlucid visions glass figurines melting snowmanlucid visions glass art bubble bird

elias ceramics heart ornaments

elias ceramics dog and cat ornament

Ornaments and Dishware

From the studios of Elias Ceramics of Oregon, comes this wonderful selection of ceramic ornaments and dishware. Shown to the left is a small selection of the ceramic ornaments available. The colored heart shapes have a wonderful pealescent look that reflects light beautifully. For the pet lover on your gift list are the whimsical dog and cat ornaments, which are available in different styles. Better still, should these ornaments be accidentally damaged, each ornament holds a small scroll, which explains how to get a FREE replacement from Elias Ceramics.

Also available for your four-legged gift recipient are a collection of pet food bowls and dishes, as well as canisters for your furry friend's favorite treat! Makes a great gift that is sure to warm the heart.

elias ceramic canister

elias ceramic pet dished

glass ornament gift

Art Glass and Ornaments

These glass ornaments are a delight to behold, and so affordable. Available in a large assortment of colors and sizes, they are perfect for any occasion. Steeped in centuries of folklore and tradition, these ornaments are perfect when displayed in a sunlit window, or on a handcrafted iron display stand, also available.

We also offer a selection of stunning, handpainted glass tableware, vases, and clocks. Painted with brightly colored, abstract designs, these pieces are a fun and trendy addition to your decor.

kugel glass ornaments

glass jewelry assortmentglass pendant

Blown Glass Jewelry

From the studios of borosilcate glass artists James Yuan and Shiloh Hunkapiller, we are pleased to offer these exquisite blown glass pendants and bracelets. Using a process called "fuming," both artists color their works with 24 karat gold and fine silver by heating these metals until they literally fume, like steam. The fumes stick to clear, molten glass, which is then sealed with more clear glass. This process is repeated until the desired design or pattern is achieved. The finished piece is then heat annealed to remove stress from within the glass, making it much more durable.

The depth and color seen in these pieces is truly breath taking, and must be seen to be appreciated.

mercier leather box with lidleather storage box from Mercier

Leather Boxes by House of Mercier

From the House of Mercier, a renowned leatherworker based in Peru famous for their leather frame mouldings, we bring you these wonderful handcrafted leather boxes. The richness of real leather combined with exquisite craftsmanship make these boxes a true delight. Available in assorted sizes and designs, these leather boxes make a great gift for that special someone, or a great addition to your own home.

Paper Scissors Rock magnets celestial

Whimsical Alarm Clocks and Magnets

Crafted using original art by northwest artist, Pamela Corwin, these whimsical clocks and magnets are fun for everyone. The "gem" magnets feature a very strong magnet back, and come as a set of 7 themed designs in their own storage tin. Great as a gag gift or stocking stuffer. The alarm clocks (not pictured) feature a floating second hand, which features a hand-painted image that ticks off the seconds.

We also have Pamela's "tile" clocks, like the Laughing Buddha to the right. They look just like a cermaic tile, but are light as a feather and unbreakable. A perfect gift for that fun-loving person in your life.

Paper Scissors Rock buddha clock

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