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Gathered here are images of a few of our favorite completed projects. We aim to provide our customers with the best in frame design, using matting and frame to showcase your art to its fullest. We will work closely with you to design the perfect design for your next project.

Competition Entries

picture framing competition etching
picture framing competition entry embossed mat
picture framing competition object framing
picture framing competition floated art handpainted matting
picture framing competition handwrapped mat
PPFA framing competiton 6th win PPFA framing competition Mucha tile
PPFA print framing competition 2009 PPFA print framing competition 2010-2011 NEPPFA Chapter Print Framing Competition 2011 etition 2012
PPFA framing competition petroglyph framing


ppfa framing competition mask shadowbox


Completed Projects

walking dead poster custom mat with stacked frame

Our latest fun project, and this one has a little bit of a story. One of our customers, Adam, is a young man who does some stunt work out in Hollywood, as well as some bit parts on TV. He visits frequently, and we often get to chatting about AMC's The Walking Dead, of which I am a huge fan. Adam recently brought in his friend, another Walking Dead fan, who had purchased this same print at a recent convention, and wanted to frame it. He opted to keep it simple, and framed the print without matting, but in the same chain styled frame seen in this picture.

I was so enamored with this print, that I just had to find it. The print sold out of its initial release very quickly. However, I found this print on ebay and snatched it right up. The print is a silk screen, and the detail in the image is astounding. The image has a very pointillist look, something I have never seen in a silk screen, which makes the image even more impressive. The top mat is splattered with red acrylic paint to add to the "gore" factor. Stacking the chain designed frame with the rustic veneer really brings out some of the great textural elements in the print. You really need to see this piece to appreciate the detail. It's hanging in the shop now, so stop in to check it out!

Framing for special occasions never goes out of style. For their 25th wedding anniversary customer Kathy and John brought in this beautiful still life done in pastels that they had commissioned from a local artist. For such a momentous milestone, only the best would do. The frame is a 3" wide closed corner, 22 karat gold leaf and walnut burl moulding, paired with a mat that was wrapped in a buttery colored suede fabric and finished with a gold water gilded fillet. This was truely stunning when completed, and we know Kathy and John will enjoy their new artwork for many more anniversaries to come. Closed Corner 22kt gold frame pastel still-life
wooden spoon

What would look like "just" a wooden spoon to anyone else is actually a cherished heirloom for customer Richard Whitehouse. This wooden spoon belonged to his grandmother, and was one of the only personal items she brought with her when she immigrated to the United States from Ireland. It has been used by generations of Richard's family since then, and now has a place of pride in his mother's kitchen. Items of family value, like this wooden spoon, make great gifts when framed, and even better, ensure they survive to be passed along to the next generation.

Our thanks to Richard for letting us share this great project!

Pyramid frame with pyramid photo and stone Colosseum photo Preserving vacation memories is just one of our specialties. Whether it's a unique design for a special souvenir, like the Egyptian themed frame for the photo to the left, or a dramatic collage treatment for all those photos you've taken, your framed art will make sure that you never forget that vacation of a lifetime. vacation photo collage
greek wedding crowns shadow box frame silk fabric mat


Recently, a couple brought this set of Greek wedding crowns to to us for framing ideas. The crowns had been stored in a cardboard box since their wedding 35 years ago, and they wanted to do something with them that would commemorate that special day. The crowns are floated on a billowing fabric panel, the fabric a silvery speckled, blue-grey silk. The side panels are covered with the same fabric, which has been pinned into place to create a delicate, ruffled edge. The frame itself presented a challenge, as nothing "off the rack" seemed to work just right. We created something truely unique by combining two frames to make one, using one of the frames as is, and turning the other frame onto its side to add the needed depth for this shadowbox. The finished piece is now a beautiful heirloom, and our customers were absolutely thrilled when they picked it up.


Our thanks to Mr. and Mrs. John Karagounis for allowing us to share this wonderful piece.

military medals
military sword shadowbox

The military medals to the left were framed to commemorate the 20 year Navy career of Cdr. Sean P. Henseler, JAGC, who is retiring in 2009. The sword shown above was framed in a shadowbox, also for Cdr. Henseler. The sword has been used by members of his family since 1951, and will be presented to Cdr. Henseler's father, the sword's first owner.

leg object framing screws and bar surgical steel cut art leg bones

Gimme a break!

We recently received a phone call from a customer, asking if we framed unusual items. Assuring the caller that we framed most anything, the customer said he would be in later that day. When he arrived, he carried a plastic bag containing what looked like pieces of a license plate frame. What it turned out to be was several screws and a surgical steel bar--which had just been recently removed from his 17-year-old son's leg!

Seems the son had been in an accident early in 2007, having crashed a snowmobile into a tree. He had broken his femur, and had the bar screwed into the bone, as is often done with severe breaks like this. After nearly a year and a half, the bar was finally removed, and he wanted to do something with the pieces to commemorate the "event."

We wanted to keep the project lighthearted, but still somewhat obvious as to what the objects were. We designed the bone shapes with our computerized mat cutter, and the screws and bar were mounted in the openings. The customer told us the brand and color of the snowmobile involved, so we found and printed the image included, and chose a frame with appropriate coloring. The mat colors chosen make the bone shapes look like an X-ray, with the placement of the screws seeming to indicate the "point of impact."

The piece was a big hit when it was picked up. It was a lot of fun for us to design and put together, and we hope the son appreciates the light-hearted humor the design has.


shadowbox object framing jersey stacked frame egyptian papyrus silk embroidery silk mat with fillet bamboo frame
military medals army navy marines air force
art nouveau invitation
limited edition print "Sunset Moose" Judy Nansel embossed mat handwrapped
shadowbox christening gown handwrapped mat
"Sunset Moose," by Judy Nansel >>


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