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Digital Photo Restoration Service in RI

Get The Picture is pleased to be able to offer our customers digital photo editing. With this service, our artists can restore your damaged black & white, sepia-toned, or color photographs back to their original condition. An additional service allows your photos to be converted digitally into one of three types of fine art: oil painting, watercolor painting, and pastel illustration.


damaged photo torn

Until recently, photo restoration services were available exclusively through camera and film establishments. Get The Picture offers the convenience of having your photos restored in the same place you can get them framed. Virtually all manner of damage can be repaired, including tears and folds, cracks and cuts, water damage and mold, fading and discoloration, etc. These photos can also be enlarged at the same time. Original photos and documents never leave the premises; after scanning or photographing the item, it is immediately returned to you to take home.


torn photo restored after

black and white to color before
black and white to color after

Color photos—both hand-colored photos from prior to and including the 1940’s and early color photos of the 50’s and 60’s—have frequently faded during the last half-century. Get The Picture is capable of restoring damage, but also bringing color back to life in these images as well. Our artists are well trained and skilled in duplicating hand-tinted color and photo-realistic color restorations.

Why hide those damaged family photos? Let us bring them back to life, so they can be enjoyed by your family again.


Photo-To-Art Service

Do you have a great photograph that would would like to enjoy on your wall as an oil painting? Or a watercolor? What about taking that great candid snapshot, and turning it into a wonderful personalized gift by making it into Pop Art? Now you can! Get The Picture is pleased to offer another great new digitial service—Photo-To-Art.

photo to art pop art
digital photo restoration
photo to art pop art MOMA

With the Photo-To-Art service, we can convert virtually any photo to look like a an original painting or illustration. This makes for a unique and fun way to display those photographs that might otherwise spend their lives in a drawer or box. Get The Picture will work with you to choose the perfect look for your art. You will love the results!

**For best results on all of our digital editing services, please provide us with the highest quality image available. Digital photos and scans should be a minimum of 400 to 600 dpi, particularly if your image will be enlarged. Our artists can work miracles on severely damaged photos, but to minimize the need for retouches, please provide another clear image the artist can work from. Additional retouches may require further payment. Please note, some photo restorations can take up to two weeks, between actual art work and printing, with framing of the prints adding another week or so. If your photo editing and framing needs to be rushed to have for a special occasion, we can quote you a price on expediting the process.**



epson printer
Yes, we can print it too!
print papers
Our wide-format printer allows us to print high quality prints from your digital scans and photos. This is particularly beneficial for our digital restoration customers, because we can produce the final product faster, often while you wait..
Our equipment uses Ultrachrome K3 ink technology to produce archival prints with amazing fidelity, gloss level, and scratch resistance, while providing consistently stable colors. These inks have been rigorously tested, and it has been determined that items printed with these inks on archival quality papers, and then properly framed, could last up too 100 years! That means that the photo you have printed today has the potential to become a family heirloom several years from now.
All art prints can be printed on your choice of papers. For a lovely matte finish, UltraSmooth™ Fine Art Paper is the perfect choice. If a more traditional-looking photo print is your preference, Premium Luster Photo Paper gives your photo a lustrous satin finish. Whatever your choice, you will be amazed by the quality.
Please note: Due to the size of our printer, the smallest side of your image cannot exceed 16 1/2". As we are not an actual printing house, we are unable to provide preparation of art media for printing. Printing can only be done from a digital file provided by the customer, or from a photo scan, which we can do in-store, in most cases while you wait. Scanning of large orders will require your images be left in our possession for a short time and additional fees to your order.


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